Tolad Natural Walking Stick Scattering Urn

Tolad Natural Walking Stick Scattering Urn

Tolad Green Walking Stick Scattering Urn

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Scattering someone’s ashes is a beautiful ritual, full of respect and love. Why not make it a contemporary ritual? With the Totem of Life and Death, you can remember them your way. The TOLAD is a hollow hiking staff that serves as a mobile urn. Pressing the TOLAD releases a small amount of ashes from an opening in the bottom of the staff. This allows the bereaved to create a Remembrance Trail of up to 1 mile in length. Go wherever you want, whenever you want to. The TOLAD will be with you every step of the way.

The TOLAD One is a simple staff made of cardboard. This staff is perfect for people who just want to scatter the ashes over a longer distance, but are not interested in using it as an urn. The TOLAD One uses the same mechanics and handle as the TOLAD Premium, but is made from a different material and offers fewer options. The TOLAD One comes in three designs and is almost fully biodegradable.

Material: cardboard and plastic

Length of walk: 1 mile or 600 touches

Size Measures Height: 4'.4" Width: 2'.4" (Bottom), 3'.9". (Top)
Opening Top Opening.