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Earth's Memorial Raku Keepsake

SKU: 2000
Cremation Urn Volume

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Earth's Memorial Raku Keepsake
Earth's Memorial Raku Keepsake Earth's Memorial Raku Keepsake



Raku Earth's Memorial Raku Keepsake  are hand made through a fascinating process. A ceramic urn is heated in a kiln until it reaches 2000 degrees, then it is pulled out carefully and plunged into a pit of wood shavings, instantly igniting. Overnight the urn will smolder and what is created is a keepsake filled with radiant flashes of color. The potter, the earth and the flames shape the urn, the way life shapes us. A small plastic bag for cremains and adhesive are included. Each comes with an organza bag. Each are topped with an attractive metal stick and stone design.

These urns are handmade and fired individually. There are variations and imperfections in the color which make this one of a kind urn beautiful.

Measures 4" x 3"
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