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  • Free Shipping and Returns on unengraved items


How do I request to have a wholesale account?

Click on Request An Account, on the home page and we will get you in as soon as possible, ususally the same day.

What types of companies do you accept?

We accept funeral directors, professions, crematoriums and stores where our clients place our products on their shelves for retail.

Do you have a paper catalog?

We do not, you can go to UPD, with your client, without being logged-in and they can not see prices.  Once you log in, you will see all prices.  We do however, have PFD sheets on each product page, these can be printed without prices to show your client.  Each page with have the product your client is interested in and other like products for their consideration.  For example, your client's loved one was a football fan, print an products on Football urns, and the page will have several others for your family to view.

I have a website, will you sell to me?

I am sorry we do not sell to websites.

Do you accept checks or credit cards?

We accept both, but checks must clear prioir to shipping, so most of our clients use their credit card and we ship right away.

Can I get expedited shipping?

Yes, we can expeditate anything you like.

Do you have a return policy?

Yes, we do, we have a 100% Satifation Guarantee.  You can retun any item you like, we do however have a 10% restocking fee.  This is because during return shipping, products can get scratched, dinged, etc.

Do you ever have any specials?

Yes, once you Request An Account, we will email you periodically, our specials for your consideration.

What is Funeral Directors Chat?

FDC is the most popular popcast in the Funeral Industry.  Hosted by Nancy Burban, she discusses changes in the industry, news and industry topics with our guests.  A great way to stay on top of the funeral industry without going to costly trade show or classes.

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