The Sweet Spot: Where Price and Service Meet


In my research on pricing and service I found the importance of that sweet number. The number that is acceptable to the funeral home, but also leaves enough revenue to offer excellent service and perks.

When pricing is too low, returns are not cheerfully accepted. Immediately the client knows that the company is struggling or perhaps the sales person is not making enough.

And when the pricing is too high, it becomes a game of proving your product is worth more than it really is. Or that you can change the world along with the product they want, when they just want the product.

That is why I have become obsessed with finding that sweet spot for UPD Urns. The point where we are making enough on our sales, that we can go above and beyond for our customers.

Dan Isard in a terrific podcast on Funeral Radio talks about how to price your products and services. He reverse engineered the process to find the right price. We have applied these same tactics in find the right price for our products.

I can’t say enough about great service. But in the end, funeral homes want a beautiful urn that looks good, arrives on time and doesn’t cost too much.

That is our task here at UPD Urns….challenge accepted.