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U.S. Navy Unveils Custom Bronze Battle Cross by UPD Urns

Sterling, VA, 10/19/2016 – Tyler Fraser, CEO of UPD Urns, has announced the completion and unveiling of a custom made bronze battle cross sculpture for the U.S. Navy. The sculpture has been set at a shoreline memorial on Naval Base Coronado in Coronado, CA. Tyler stated, “It was an honor to work on a memorial […]

Using Innovation in Strategic Marketing

Using Innovation in Strategic Marketing A wonderful book by Seth Godin outlines the concept of a Purple Cow. Sometimes people are just tired of what is being offered and want something different. Having worked in marketing for 8 years, I have found aligning yourself with innovative products and services does wonders for a firm’s marketing […]

New Shipment of Life Treasured Urns

We’re excited to receive a new shipment of Life Treasured urns.

The Innovator: Tyler Fraser Continues to Shake Up Funeral Service

Published in Funeral Service Insider and re-posted with permission. CEO of Three Growing Companies Promotes the Value of 3D Printing, Technology and Innovation If someone says the name Tyler Fraser, you may shrug, thinking it’s a person you don’t know. But there’s a good chance you’ve listened to one of his online radio shows, watched an educational video he’s recorded or even […]

Sculpture Bust Urns by UPD Urns

The Product The Sculpture Bust Urn is a legacy product that will memorialize a family member for generations to come. The quality of the likeness is striking because of factual representation of the person. Although the manipulation of the data to create a final product is completed by a 3D artist, the data is an accurate […]